Don't think of it as an "all else failed" situation.

Look on it as "if you don't behave then the big stick comes out" instead. Put a positive spin on it in your thoughts, don't associate insulin with negativity and failure.

Because it isn't. It is the twelve bore shotgun you've got tucked away in reserve for if the battle gets more intense. You are going to use it if you need to fight harder, not if you fail in some respect.

Then again, a bad set of results does not indicate failure either. It just means you have to fight a bit harder. There's too much negativity altogether around the subject of diabetes, and I try and think of it in those trench warfare terms. You don't fail. Ever. All you do is get the message that you need to fight a bit harder.

So that's where you are at currently. Holding your own on the battlefield, with a whole arsenal of other weapons waiting behind you if they are ever needed. If the day comes when you need to start on insulin, don't associate either yourself or insulin with failure. It's because the other side has pushed a bit harder and you need to raise your game. Not because you or your treatment has failed, but because you need to push back.

Get what I mean? Insulin isn't a treatment for failures. It's a loyal and powerful ally on the battlefield who can step up to your side when you need it.