Links to online databases and software downloads

LowCarbing dot com I would normally not include commercial sites but this one has discreet advertising and no snake oil. Many pages of free to access content, covering many issues around the low-carb diet. A model of good site design IMHO.

Diabetes type 2 Malcolm Graham’s excellent site, with many testimonials and other helpful items from people with Type 2 diabetes

Diabetes-Kids A German language discussion site, exclusively dealing with diabetic children.

Juvenile Diabetic another new site dealing with T1 diabetes in children and the young

USDA Nutrient and carbohydrate index A searchable database of standard foodstuff composition. Useful for looking up carbohydrate content

Free Software to monitor BP and Glucose. The Health software is for Windows and contains no nasties. XP compatible.  Supports both UK/Euro and US systems

AIDA Diabetes Software Simulator a freeware application available at this website to assist in managing your diabetes and insulin needs.

AIDA Online FREE web-based educational diabetes simulator

Department of Health
This site  gives you the latest news and information about the Department and its work, and  access to the wide range of publications, policy and guidance the DoH  produce.