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Please note that the Diabetes section is currently undergoing a rebuild and will be fully back online shortly with revised directories and more features/reviews. Jennifer’s Smart Advice remains available at jennifer.flyingrat.net

I’ve also added THIS PAGE for people who may be starting insulin in the future.

The funny bit will return too! Some new stuff now online. Please visit one of the links on the page (and below) in the meantime. Please visit my aviation photography section too (over at whitehatter’s picture site).

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External Links

  • Quentin Grady's Homepage

    The guy from down under and a prolific and informed poster in the diabetes newsgroups!

  • Diabetic Mommy

    An online magazine for diabetic mothers and mothers-to-be

  • Rick Mendosa's site

    A truly excellent review and information resource

  • Quackwatch

    Your Guide to Health Fraud, Quackery, and Intelligent Decisions. US based and edited by Dr Steven Barrett. A link also carried by Diabetes UK's site.

  • Diabetes UK

    The former British Diabetic Association’s website.

  • alt.support.diabetes.uk

    The newsgroup for British diabetics, all nationalities welcome naturally but discussion with a British slant.

  • uk.people.support.diabetes

    For UK diabetics within the uk.* heirarchy of newsgroups. Not everyone cares for alt.* groups after all!